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Godrej Properties, Carmichael Road

Godrej Properties, Carmichael Road



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Denver Ribeiro

Mumbai, India


Creating a visual of a luxury apartment with ugly surroundings

Creating a 3D Visualization of a luxury apartment building proved challenging due to the stark contrast with its less aesthetic surroundings. Striking the right balance between highlighting the opulence of the structure and downplaying the surroundings required careful planning and execution. We strategically positioned elements and utilized lighting techniques to draw focus away from the less desirable aspects while emphasizing the building's luxurious features. This creative approach ensured that the final visualization conveyed an aura of sophistication despite the surrounding environment. By employing these tactics, we were able to deliver a visually compelling representation that captured the essence of luxury amidst less-than-luxurious surroundings.


We incorporated AI tools that saved us time from modelling the surroundings

In tackling the challenge of visualizing a luxury apartment building within a less luxurious environment, our team collaborated closely to find a solution. We conducted thorough research and brainstormed ideas to mitigate the visual contrast. Experimentation with lighting. camera angles, and architectural details helped refine our approach. Iterative reviews and feedback loops ensured alignment with the client's vision. Through collective expertise and creativity, we successfully crafted a visually stunning representation that showcased luxury amidst less attractive surroundings.

Client Testimonial

“Their ability to bring our vision to life was nothing short of remarkable.

The attention to detail, realistic textures, and impeccable lighting in

the 3D renderings surpassed our expectations.”

Denver Ribeiro - Entrepreneur

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